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"Katie is a gentle soul that seeks to help people find calm & balance in their life. I very much enjoyed my first reiki experience with her and will be back for more Soulful Rejuvenation ♥️"

- Brandice, Calgary Alberta

"I received counselling/reiki services from Katie to help with my insomnia and anxiety that started a few months back. I was working with several practitioners at the time including acupuncturist and a naturopath, but I can definitely say that Katie's work helped support me in my journey back to good sleep. After each session with Katie, I felt calm, yet rejuvenated. Katie has a very warm disposition, and I felt extremely comfortable with her during my sessions. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to better their physical or emotional health." 

- Anonymous, Calgary Alberta

"I thoroughly enjoyed my reiki with Katie. I have had the great pleasure to have both in-person and long-distance. Both were amazing. I saw all the chakra colours. I could sense my third eye being enlighted it was spectacular. I would recommend anyone to try this experience. I trust Katie to guide me again on this personal journey."

- Keith, Belleville Ontario

"I highly recommend these services. Not only did I feel healed after a session but I had a better understand of my chakras and was given instruction how to maintain and promote my sense of well-being."

- Mala, Calgary Alberta

"It is a very relaxed atmosphere as soon as you enter the room. Great choice of meditation music. The vibration from the chakra sound healing bowls are awesome. Katie has a very soothing voice throughout the session which makes me feel ‘at peace’. In the end Katie determines how my chakras are performing, what she did to heal/unblock and made personal recommendations for me to focus on at home. I love my Reiki treatments. I experienced both ‘in person’ and long distance Reiki and they work equally as well."

- Mary Ann, Belleville Ontario

Quotes from Anonymous Workshop Evaluations

100% of attendees would recommend Soulful Rejuvenation workshops

"I learned a lot of tools to relieve stress and sleep better. It was also educational about how lack of sleep and high stress affects our wellbeing"

"Really like the sound bowls and your presentation skills are awesome. Great energy, organized, powerpoint is well laid out. Valuable skills for stress, sleep, burnout, and self-care!"

"Nice balance of activities, sound bowl, and conversations. A nice space for workshop."

"Would definitely recommend this workshop to friends and family who could benefit."

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