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Reiki Medical Professional Uses:


- Used to treat cancer treatment side effects 

- Full time reiki master employed at Portsmouth Hospital in the U.K.[v] 

- Nurses are trained in Reiki therapy for use during surgical procedures 

- Medical professionals learning Reiki and integrating it into conventional care 

- Increase immune responsivity, and blood pressure [vi] 

- Reduction in pain and anxiety from HIV patients receiving 20 minutes treatments [vii] 

- Reduced pain and improvements in sleep and clarity of thinking [viii] 

- Current research of reiki for people with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, prostate cancer, and AIDS [ix] 


Reiki is a very relaxing, centering, therapy that overall has many benefits beside those used in medicine. Reiki can be used on anyone.


Katie also offers Holistic Counselling for those who want a Reiki mind, body and soul healing accompanied with wellness counselling. For more information Click Here