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Release Your Stress, Remember Your Peace













Are you...

Desiring Inner Peace

Interested in healing the mind, body, and soul

These Services Can Help You With:




Anger Release

Confidence Building

Sleep Difficulties

Trauma Release

Katie's Qualifications:

Registered Masters of Social Work (MSW, RSW)

Reiki Master Practitioner

Health and Nutrition Life Coach 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Breathwork Facilitator

Soulful Rejuvenation

Group Session

Learn about the powerful group session that can help you release and feel empowered.


Breathwork is a powerful healing modality. You can experience a deeply meditative experience and release past pains and traumas from the body. 

Holistic Counselling

 Counselling, Reiki, and Breathwork to help you to release your stress for a unique form of healing.

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My Approach

Katie Roberton has a Masters of Social Work and over 15 years of professional experience helping people.

Katie's mission is to help you release your stress or anxiety and remember your peace.

Katie's vision is that one day everyone can be released from the stress or anxiety that may be holding them back from living a free life.

Soulful Rejuvenation services will help you release stagnant energy and heal from the inside out!


Katie has helped people with many different concerns. 

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Getting Help

I am a down to earth, non-judgemental, positive, and caring person. I look forward to meeting you, learning more about you, and helping you with your journey on this wonderful planet Earth.




Self Esteem




Anger Release


Soulful Rejuvenation is a safe and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds, beliefs, abilities, orientations, and identities.

I have had the great pleasure to have both in person and long distance. Both were amazing - I saw all of my chakra colours.
 I could sense my third eye being enlightened, it was spectacular.

Soulful Rejuvenation Client